Before You Begin

Step 1

Map Development

Step 2

Build Relationships

Step 3

Develop Community Profile

Step 4

Increase Equity With Data

Step 5

Prioritize Needs and Assets

Step 6

Document and Communicate Results

Step 7

Plan Equity Strategy

Step 8

Develop Action Plan

Step 9

Evaluate Progress

Community Health Assessment Case Studies

The CHA toolkit provides step-by-step tactics for conducting community health assessments and community health improvement plans. Read the following case studies to learn from real-life examples of practical application of these tactics.

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Strengthening Teamwork Through the Community Health Assessment Process

BJC HealthCare engaged community stakeholders and launched a community health improvement program to inspire people to prioritize health every day.

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Realizing Synergies for Greater Community Impact

Children’s Mercy created a new model for coordinating community health efforts, designed to make more progress at a faster rate.

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Discovering Collaborators for a Community Health Assessment

Freeman Health collaborated with other major health organizations to create the Ozarks Health Commission, which is improving health in more than 30 communities.

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A CHA Puts Health Equity at the Center of Organizational Strategy

Hackensack Meridian Health developed a new organizational strategy and overhauled its CHA process to advance health equity.

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Future-Focused on a Retirement Community’s Health Needs

Outer Banks Health used its CHA as a learning tool to better understand the needs of its community, which includes many tourists and retirees.

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At Providence: What Gets Done, Gets Measured

Providence Health & Services took a data-driven, measurement-based approach that gives local hospitals the autonomy to identify and address community health priorities.

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Building Community Ties that Bind – and Heal

Renown Health used its CHA to address changing local needs that have come with a significant population increase.

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Maximizing Community Insight While Minimizing Survey Burnout

Sharp HealthCare leveraged key collaborations to dig deeper and better understand the health needs of the diverse populations it serves.

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Cultural Sensitivity and Collaboration Defines a Critical Access Hospital’s CHA

Wagner Community Memorial Hospital Avera used focus groups and surveys to connect with community members and develop a CHA that reflects their health needs.