About ACHI

Mission and Vision

The AHA Community Health Improvement network, part of the American Hospital Association, is the premier national network for community health, community benefit and population health professionals. We provide educational resources and tools, professional development and networking opportunities to help health leaders expand their knowledge and enhance their performance in achieving community health goals.


To advance healthy communities by providing our members education, professional development, resources and engagement opportunities in the fields of community health, population health and community benefit.


A society of professionals who apply their specialized knowledge and expertise to effectively educate and collaborate with their communities in achieving the highest potential health for community residents.


ACHI members positively impact and constructively advocate for the fields of community health, population health and community benefit by living the values of collaboration, equity, excellence, innovation and integrity. ACHI members value:

Collaboration: We unite with others and advocate collectively for the greater good of the communities we serve.

Equity: We promote healthy communities with equal access to high quality prevention and health care services.

Excellence: We strive for continuous learning, growth, improvement and understanding in our work to advance healthy communities.

Innovation: We encourage creativity and opportunities to continually develop, learn, share and inspire one another.

Integrity: We expect and demonstrate open communication, ethical decision-making and accountability and resource stewardship.