Before You Begin

Step 1

Map Development

Step 2

Build Relationships

Step 3

Develop Community Profile

Step 4

Increase Equity With Data

Step 5

Prioritize Needs and Assets

Step 6

Document and Communicate Results

Step 7

Plan Equity Strategy

Step 8

Develop Action Plan

Step 9

Evaluate Progress

Acknowledgments for the Community Health Assessment Toolkit

Thanks to the incredible group of professionals who contributed to this project with their expertise and time, and for their continuous commitment to the communities they serve.


Support for this initiative was provided by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of the foundation.

Development Partners

Reactor Panel

  • Hilary Heishman, RWJF
  • Michelle Ford, Independent
  • Peter Holtgrave, NACCHO
  • Bianca Lawrence, NACCHO
  • Anna Clayton, NACCHO
  • Gaye Woods, CommonSpirit
  • Jaime Dircksen, Trinity
  • Lillian Smith, Boise State Univ
  • Samuel Ross, Bon Secours Mercy Health (retired)
  • Danielle Price, UH
  • Stacy Biddinger, Children's Hospital Association
  • Karen Cook, MetroHealth
  • Reena Chudgar, Public Health National Center for Innovation
  • Shivonne Laird, Bon Secours
  • Kendra Smith, Mercy
  • Dave Belde, Bon Secours
  • Lawrence Hughes, AHA

Core Panel

Strategic & Integration

  • Frank Nagle, Promedica
  • Michael Bilton, CommonSpirit
  • Chara Adams, CHRISTUS
  • Lisa Nelson, Freeman
  • Collette Barrett, FMOLHS


  • Anna Clayton, NACCHO
  • Will Snyder, Metopio
  • Nalani Tarrant, NACHC
  • Becky Ofrane, City Health Dashboard/NYU Langone

Community Engagement

  • Julie Trocchio, CHA
  • Kirstin Craciun, Better Health Partnership
  • Marisa Scala-Foley, USAging
  • Jessica Saunders, Dayton Children's
  • Joshua Traylor, Raising the Bar
  • Victor Murray, Camden Coalition

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