Step 8: Implement Strategies


This step puts into action the plan selected and developed in Step 7 to address prioritized community health needs. This is an ongoing process where you are working to improve health by turning strategies into concrete, actionable steps. If you have developed Population Health Driver Diagrams to address priority health areas identified in your community health assessment (CHA) (Step 7), these driver diagrams can continue to be used and updated as you implement strategies with multiple stakeholders. Teams can be formed around each of the primary drivers, and these teams can determine specific secondary drivers to address.

Key Components

Continue engaging stakeholders
Engage internal and external stakeholders throughout implementation to support ongoing community buy-in. Refer to the Community Engagement section for additional information about how to engage stakeholders in this process.

Assemble an implementation committee and team for each strategy
Over the course of your CHA, it is likely that many committees and work groups will have convened to address components of the process. These groups may develop into more official bodies or formal partnerships to implement strategies for addressing the priority needs or conduct the next CHA.

The implementation team can meet periodically to assess progress and challenges and make any modifications to the action plan. The team should include individuals from the hospital as well as community stakeholders and organizations. As you consider who should be part of the implementation team, reflect on these questions:

Develop an action plan
Develop an action plan for each strategy that addresses a priority need with a detailed description of specific activities, roles and timelines. The following questions should be addressed:

The following are action plan templates that can be adapted for each priority need. Download the action plan templates here.

Action Plan: Goals and Objectives

Action Plan- Goals and Objectives

Action Plan: Anticipated Impact

Action Plan- Anticipated Impact

Action Plan: Responsibilities and Timelines

Action Plan- Responsibilities and Timelines

Develop a budget
Go through a budgeting process to estimate how much the strategies will cost to implement. Remember to include resources for both the programs and the staff who implement them. Once a budget is in place, you will need to determine where the funding will come from. Your hospital may be willing to financially back the entire strategy, or you may piece together resources from your organization, grants, in-kind support and community partners. Consider the long-term sustainability of the project when you are budgeting; improving community health takes time, and any initiative will likely require multiple budget cycles.