Collaboration Between Hospitals and Interfaith Organizations to Improve Community Health

This webinar will focus on two hospital-interfaith collaborations, one in Memphis that has been in existence for nine years and another in Maryland that is in its earliest stages. Since these collaborations have enormous potential for promoting health, especially among at-risk populations, and help avoid unnecessary re-hospitalizations, the potential for creating such collaboratives in different communities across the country will be explored.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about innovative models currently in existence that link hospitals with communities of faith.
  • Learn how these models can be replicated in communities across the country.
  • Learn how to improve health outcomes and avoid unnecessary re-hospitalizations through social services provided by volunteers from religious institutions.


  • Carmela Coyle, President and CEO, Maryland Hospital Association
  • Vincent DeMarco, President of Health Care for All in Maryland and the Maryland Citizens' Health Initiative
  • Rev. Bobby Baker, Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare