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Step 6: Document and Communicate Results


Share the results of your assessment with both internal and external audiences. This step provides an opportunity for the many participating organizations and the community at large to see the final product. It serves as a reference point for future discussions and planning strategies to address community health needs.

Key Components

Publish the CHA process and results
Write and publish a public report documenting the process and findings of the community health assessment (CHA). The report should include:

Present material in an accessible way
A written document representing your CHA process and results allows information to be shared with the community. Involving stakeholders during development allows them to provide valuable insights about how to present the information (e.g., length of document, language level, acronym use, font size, balance and use of pictures vs. words), what format to use (e.g., written, audio), if the document needs be translated into another language and which forms of communication would best reach the community.

Epidemiological data may be particularly challenging for community members to interpret. Presenting data in a clear yet comprehensive way can enable discussion and interest in community health improvement. Tips for organizing and presenting data include:

Publicizing CHA results
Publicizing the results of the CHA raises awareness about the health issues affecting the community served and promotes engagement and conversation between your hospital, partners and potential collaborators. The CHA can be publicized through various channels to gain a larger audience, such as:

The CHA document can also serve as a repository of community assets by including a list of resources related to the identified health needs. Consider linking to websites of community resources and to upcoming health education and promotion events.

Develop a tracking system to assess how many individuals accessed your CHA through all forms of distribution. This will help determine which method drives the most interest and whether there are populations who are not receiving the information.

Engage the hospital and community around CHA results
Present the report to both internal and external audiences, such as staff members, patients, key stakeholders, collaborating partners and community organizations and residents to stimulate dialogue and comments on the assessment process and outcome. This can be done by:

A robust community discussion of the CHA results can open the opportunity for fostering partnerships around implementation strategies and future assessments.