Community Health Improvement Week

ACHI's Community Health Improvement Week is a national event to recognize community health professionals for their passion and dedication to improving the health of the communities they serve. Community Health Improvement Week is a national event that raises awareness, demonstrates impact and celebrates the individuals and organizations that work to improve the determinants of health in their communities. We need you to help us celebrate.





Welcome Video

ACHI's welcomes you to Community Health Improvement Week. We are excited to learn about your passion and dedication for community health improvement and celebrate your success stories. ACHI's March conference inspired many attendees to connect over their passion to improve the communities they serve. Your participation helped us put together a montage that welcomes you to CHI week and celebrates why you do what you do to make our communities healthier.

Daily Themes & Activities

Each day of CHI week ACHI will release new resources around topic areas of importance to the field. See below for a preview of what’s to come on each day.

Why we Celebrate Community Health Improvement

Raise awareness and increase understanding of the vital role of upstream prevention and community-based strategies to improve health at the population health.
  • Only 20% of health outcomes are attributable to clinical care. Health behaviors, socioeconomic factors and the physical environment account for 80% of health. County Health Rankings and Roadmaps
  • 85% of the nation’s hospitals report strong or total commitment to population health and 90% of hospitals agree that population health aligns with their mission. American Hospital Association 
  • Non-profit hospitals in America spend $62 billion on community benefit activities annually. Health Affairs
  • Every $1 invested in prevention generated a return of $5.60.Trust for America's Health
  • Investing $10 per person each year in community- based public health activities could save more than $16 billion within five years. American Public Health Foundation
Demonstrate the impact of your organization’s community health initiatives.
Celebrate the work and accomplishments of community health professionals.

Community Health Improvement Week Resources

Adapt the resources below to support your Community Health Improvement Week activities.

Press release template

Proclamation article template

Community Health Improvement Week logo

Why I Do What I Do placard