ReThinking Population Health Strategies in Your Organization and in Your Community

There are opportunities around the country for dramatic innovation in the way health systems transform community well-being. Health care leaders are positioned to be regional catalysts of this change. You can benefit from tools that help you see a wider set of pathways for innovation – linking strategies that bridge health and health care, stewardship for community goals and sustainable financing to promote ongoing investment in health. For the Association for Community Health Improvement's Community Health Improvement Week, this webinar provided an overview of the "community strategy lab process" featuring the publicly available ReThink Health Dynamics Model simulation.

In this webinar learn how health care leaders are using these tools in their own organizations and as part of a larger community engagement effort to position their region to pursue a multisector change strategy that addresses the system-level causes of population health outcomes.

Learning Objectives:

  • Increase awareness of the opportunities and pitfalls of integrating health care and health improvement strategies
  • Understand the community strategy lab process as a means to enhance collaboration among diverse stakeholders
  • Collect lessons from the field


  • Sherry Immediato, Director, ReThink Health
  • Rebecca Niles, Senior Facilitator of Systems Strategy, ReThink Health