Inclusive, Local Hiring: Building the Pipeline to a Healthy Community

ACHI and the AHA Workforce Center hosted a webinar on how health systems can develop an inclusive, local hiring pipeline through creating more external community connections and internal career paths.

David Zuckerman provides an overview of The Democracy Collaborative's first resource in the Hospitals Aligned for Healthy Communities toolkit series, Inclusive, Local Hiring: Building the Pipeline to a Healthy Community. Zuckerman shares how health systems can implement "outside in" and "inside up" strategies for local hiring policy and become a more intentional anchor to better the welfare of the low-income communities they serve. Debbi Perkul, formerly from University Hospitals (UH) in Cleveland, Ohio, shares her experience of collaborating with community-based organizations to connect local and diverse residents from surrounding disinvested neighborhoods to available frontline positions and how that aligns with internal career development and advancement opportunities.


  • David Zuckerman, Director for Healthcare Engagement, The Democracy Collaborative
  • Debbi Perkul, former Senior Workforce Development Strategist, University Hospitals