The Importance of Community Development for Health

It is certain that health status is profoundly influenced by the places in which people live, work and play. To improve the underlying drivers of population health, progressive communities are promoting safer neighborhoods, stable and affordable housing, sound environmental conditions and economic self-sufficiency.
In partnership with the Association for Community Health Improvement, this webinar highlights the Vita Health and Wellness initiative, Stamford, Conn., a community development effort between community stakeholders and Stamford Health.
Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the origins of the initiative including the roles of the hospital and public housing authority.
  • The role strategic partners play in driving change based on "collective impact" principles
  • How the hospital's community health needs assessment identified the need for the Vita Health and Wellness initiative
  • The importance of building community cohesion and broad, diverse stakeholder support


  • Gregory Kearns, Director of Planning, Stamford Health
  • Pamela Koprowski, Public Affairs Counsel, Stamford Health
  • Vincent Tufo, Executive Director and CEO, Charter Oak Communities