The AHA strives to ensure the hospital and health system field’s voice is heard in the news and media and any discussion of health care. The association recently has been featured in numerous media publications, including Modern Healthcare, Forbes, Yahoo Finance and the Washington Times. Among other topics, the articles focus on mergers, cybersecurity, health care apps and telehealth. View a roundup of some of the articles. 

  1. Modern Healthcare: Court win may not solve hospitals' site-neutral pay problem
  2. Modern Healthcare: American Hospital Association, economists debate merits of mergers
  3. Rev Cycle Intelligence: Hospital Mergers and Acquisitions Reduce Costs, AHA Report Shows
  4. Modern Healthcare: Johnson & Johnson ordered to pay $572M over opioid crisis
  5. Yahoo Finance: Gun-related injuries come with billions in health care costs
  6. Modern Healthcare: Major hospital groups recommend changes to HCAHPS survey
  7. Forbes: How Health Care Apps Can Improve Patient Health And Support Physicians
  8. Modern Healthcare: New app helps Los Angeles parents care for high-risk infants
  9. Washington Times: Health care leaders seek cybersecurity protections amid medical records breaches
  10. Rural Health Information Hub: Violence Against Hospital Workers: Growing Awareness, Rural Interventions, and Why It Still Goes Unreported
  11. Healthcare Dive: AHA, Intel urge FCC to broaden rural telehealth pilot participation
  12. Becker’s: CDC releases free online infection-prevention training 

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