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Melinda L. Estes, M.D.

President and CEO
Saint Luke's Health System
AHA Board Chair-Elect Designate

“The new AHA Center for Health Innovation is designed to help members drive high-impact innovation and transformation. AHA members need to know that the AHA has listened to them. They've listened to the members; they've listened to the board of trustees; they've listened to the governance groups who said, 'We need to disrupt from within. We don't want to be just disrupted from outside. So help us.' And I think AHA's initial offerings will provide a whole host of ways in which all of us can find something that will help us as we go on this journey.”


Wright L. Lassiter III

President and CEO
Henry Ford Health System
AHA Board Member

“Both the leadership and the AHA Board of Trustees are very focused on how AHA meets the needs of its members. The health care field is at a place in time where innovation is a critical. AHA members need tools to help us both create and re-create a health care field and a health care environment that exceeds the expectations of consumers. We need innovation to deploy technology in a way that allows us to deliver better care, to deliver more affordable care and more efficient care. This is the perfect time for the AHA to launch the Center for Health Innovation because hospitals and health systems across the United States are at a place where they are in dire need of support, of partnership, of ideas from the AHA and a vehicle to share those amongst themselves and across the U.S. health care field.”

Teri Fontenot photo

Teri Fontenot, FACHE

President and CEO
Woman’s Hospital, Los Angeles
AHA Health Forum Board Member

“We all share a common purpose to improve the health of the people and families we serve, but we realize each hospital has unique needs to attain this objective. This new center will arm AHA members with critical on-the-ground insights, partnerships and practical strategies that can help us achieve both shared and customized goals of improving the quality of care we deliver in our communities.”

Brian A. Gragnolati

President and CEO
Atlantic Health System
AHA Board Chair-Elect

Nancy Agee

President and CEO
Carilion Clinic
AHA Board Chair

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