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 Contintental Breakfast

7:45 am - 9:00 am
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Advanced Discussion Group #4: Developing a Workforce to Reduce Health Disparities: Practical Lessons Learned about Assessing Community Need

FairMalika Fair, MD, MPH, director, public health initiatives, Association of American Medical Colleges

Session attendees will learn practical lessons on how universities and health professional schools can assess community needs within three areas that are most relevant to workforce development: Access, Educational Opportunity, and Competence. Attendees will learn about practical and generalizable methods from the Urban Universities for HEALTH collaborative and see useful tools for university leaders to embark upon a similar process to develop a workforce that is culturally sensitive, diverse and prepared to reduce health disparities. Session participants will discuss challenges to workforce diversity in their communities and strategies to reduce disparities.


Advanced Discussion Group #5: United Ways and Health Systems: Partnering (or not?) in Local Communities

Hsu DanaKitty Hsu Dana, vice president, health, United Way Worldwide

Session participants will discuss how United Ways and health system providers see each other’s role, and how have they worked together. The facilitator will discuss United Way’s role in effective, innovative partnerships with their health system providers and other community stakeholders and discuss opportunities to build partnerships and better leverage assets of health systems and local United Ways to advance health in communities.


9:00 am - 10:30 am

 Breakout Sessions (Click on the session title for description and speaker information)

Growing Small Ideas: An Interactive Session Based on 10 years of Kaiser Permanente Colorado’s Learnings from Scaling Obesity Prevention Efforts
Community-wide Partnerships to Propel Health Forward
Now what? Moving from Assessment to Action when Health Disparities have been Identified
The Future of Community Benefits

10:30 am - 11:45 am

Graham_GKeynote Session
Garth Graham, MD, president, Aetna Foundation

Dr. Graham will express his vision for the relationships and linkages between health care provider organizations and critical stakeholders such as foundations, community organizations, economic and other social entities, particularly as they relate to patient-centered care and beneficial, sustainable outcomes.


12:00 pm

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