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ACHI is seeking applicants to serve on the Advisory Council for 2018-2021.

Applications are open till January 12, 2018. Selected applicants will be notified via email on January 19, 2018.

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Advisory Council Composition

The Advisory Council is an 18-member body comprised of active ACHI members in good standing.

The ACHI Advisory Council is comprised of community health leaders who set the strategic direction for ACHI by:

Active ACHI members in good standing can apply to join the Advisory Council. ACHI calls for interested members to submit an application. Members of the current Advisory Council evaluate each applicant for:

Advisory Council Terms

Advisory Council members serve 3-year terms, with roughly one-third expiring each year. Advisory Council members can apply to serve a second consecutive 3-year term, but no member may serve on the council for more than six consecutive years. An Advisory Council member must submit a new application for consideration for a second consecutive 3-year term. After a 3-year separation from the council, the member may reapply if he or she is an active member of ACHI in good standing.

Meet the 2017 ACHI Advisory Council